Top 10 People That Outlived Crazy Prison Sentences

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Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! When a person is sentenced for an incredible amount of time, chances are they aren’t intended to ever make it out of jail. But not everyone is willing to just roll over and die in a cot. For this Top10Archive, we’re going behind bars and exploring the top ten people that outlived crazy prison sentences.

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10. Eddie Collins – 43 Years
9. Otis Johnson – 44 Years
8. Joe Carr – 56 Years
7. Howard Christensen – 58 Years
6. Harvey Stewart – 63 Years
5. Charles Edret Ford – 64 Years
4. Richard Honeck – 64 Years, 44 Days
3. Clarence Marshall – 64 Years, 70 Days
2. Johnson Van Dyke Grigsby – 66 Years, 123 Days
1. Paul Geidel, Jr. – 68 years, 245 days

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12 thoughts on “Top 10 People That Outlived Crazy Prison Sentences

  1. Great video. Would be great to know about people who died close to thier release date. Knowing they were so close yet so far

  2. Can you imagine being imprisoned from 1899 to 1963 and seeing how drastically different the world was when you got out? It would be like going to prison now and not getting out until 2082.

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