The Conjuring Vs Insidious

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We’re pitting the two scariest series in the horror industry against one another. The Conjuring versus Insidious, Bathsheba against the Red-Faced Demon, the Bride in Black vs Valak, franchise vs franchise! Which one of these scary movies is the best one? What’s going to be the thing that gives one the edge over the other? Is it the characters or the scares? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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10 thoughts on “The Conjuring Vs Insidious

  1. I feel like I enjoyed the conjuring more and jumped harder but insidious actually made it hard to fall asleep at night

  2. I love both of these personally. Insidious for me was much scarier but what makes the conjuring compete is how it was based on true events.

  3. I like insidious more, insidious is more original and creative while The Conjuring is an overdone horror movie that’s in an overdone subgenre

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