Game Of Thrones S08 E06 Preview Trailer Breakdown

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So much for being saved by the bell . . . How will our characters regroup in the aftermath of the bloodiest, most destructive “Game of Thrones” battle ever? Who will stop the Mad Queen? Join us as we breakdown the preview for Season 8 Episode 6, the season and series finale of “Game of Thrones”! Who do YOU think will make it to the final credits? Let us know in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones S08 E06 Preview Trailer Breakdown

  1. Cercei kept her soldiers from fighting the white walkers. Dany, the dortrakies and unsullied paid a heavy price eventhough they won thanks to Arya. So, Dany is not mad at all. Without her the whitewalkers would have decimetered all the living including the people from Kingslanding. Makes some kind of sense this behavior if Cercei got her enraged.

  2. Dany and her armies go castle to castle exterminating everyone..then she settles back in essos😂

  3. the three eyed raven told bran that he would “fly”…..bran becomes the dragon and…………………awwww fuck, i don’t what’s gonna happen.

  4. I feel like i am the only one who wanted this i love dani and i think she should rule if not for everyone would be dead anyway plus i don’t want a boring ending i want the mad queen not a fairytale!

  5. The one thing you not pointing out the stark’s have more blood on there hands so who is mad. Danny a kitten compared to any body in westeros at the art of mass murder.

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