10 Brutal Facts About The UFC

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The UFC has a reputation for being one of the most brutal sports of ALL TIME, and there’s good reason why. Here are 10 Brutal Facts About The UFC…

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16 thoughts on “10 Brutal Facts About The UFC

  1. So the guy doesn’t think people are into women fighting each other….clearly he’s never seen Jerry Springer 🤣🤣🤣 okay I’ll stop.

  2. This is the dumbest video posted as of late. Almost every point can be easily argued or dismissed with ease and others are so old that they’ve been handled for at least a decade

  3. The ‘UFC’ is not a sport it’s an organisation. Don’t bother making videos about things you don’t even research properly

  4. UFC is literally the most tested popular sport in America. 20 seconds in and you can’t take the video seriously.

  5. UFC is united states fighting league, trhe EFC (europe fighting league) has a MUCH darker history and has been alive underggroound for hundreds of years. Lets say knives is a mainstay and leave it at taht .

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